2022 - January: I was recently selected to write music for the new trio Ensembl3c, consisting of Craig Farr (perc.), Ljubov Katerli (piano) and Zsuzsa Zseni (mezzo soprano). The project was an open call through Avgarde using the title Sanger uten ord.

2022 - January: In the recent past I have been working on producing materiale for creating a musical about the development of the local fishing industry at my home place, Austevoll, south of Bergen. My work have consisted of developing materiale for a script and also ideas to write songs for the project. The project is supposed to become an outdoor historical play about the development of the fishing industry going about 100 years back. The performances will be held in 2022 or 2023, depending in project funding.

2021 - April: - I will now begin to work on a piece for sound sculptures in Bergen, Bjella Donna and Gong Gregor. The piece will be premiered as well as other compostions in September.

- I just finished the piece Prologue for the norwegian pianist, Oda Hjertine Voltersvik. The piece consists of two movements (I: Pesante risoluto, II: Lento Affetuoso/Andante sostenuto). The duration is about 5-6 minutes and will be premiered in July.

- My short requiem mass (Missa pro defunctis) was recently performed at Nøsteboden in Bergen as part of the programme "Mulige sanger", arranged by Avgarde.

2021 - March: On March 18th my piece Fractions was performed. The piece was part of the Ung komponist-programme at the Borealis Festival 2021, where three other composers was involved.

2021 - January: I have written three SSA-arrangements for Lillestrøm Damekor. The songs are Don´t Kill my Vibe, I Got Rhythm and Optimist. The arrangements will also be available for others, also written for SABar.

2020 - October: I`m working on a new piece for Currentes as a part of the composer`s programme UngKomponist being performed at the Borealis Festival in Bergen March 2021. The piece is for organetto, recorders, mezzo singer and baroque cello. The piece will be completed early in 2021.

2020 - October - I have written a small requiem mass called Missa pro Defunctis as an open call to "Mulige sanger" arranged by Avgarde in Bergen. The piece is for male and female singers, harmonium and violin, focusing on learning quickly. (Postponed)

2020 - April: I have written a new piece for Tabula Rasa (SSAATT) called Disturbing Interruptions. The piece is written for digital conference technology to be performed live from different areas. It can also be performed in a normal concert. The piece will hopefully be performed in June 2020.

2020 - April: My pieces Friede, Regina della Pace and my revised version of Darkness Cannot drive out Darkness should have been performed by Tabula Rasa at Ftijar (May 9th), Austevoll (May 10th) and Bergen (June 20th) as part of the project "FRED". This has been postponed to the spring of 2021.

08/22: I have finished the piece, Friede, which is a response piece to Schoenberg`s "Friede auf Erden".
The piece was commisioned by Arild Rohde, the new musical director of Tabula Rasa. It will be premiered on September 14th in Fedje kirke, and later performed in Sund and Herdla kirke as part of the project "Fred". The ensemble will perform this piece in 2020 also.

01/21: Ole Bull Kammerkor and conductor Jon Blichfeldt has commisioned a piece by me focusing on humour and language. The piece Moje niet forsto!  is a piece combining different languages and voice techniques with a durata of ca. 9 minutes, and will be premiered at Bergen Kjøtt March 21st 2020.

01/21: Sigrun Jørdre (soprano) and Turid Bakke Braut (piano) has commisioned a lyrical piece using the poem Guds Hjerte (God`s hart) by Rolf Jacobsen. The piece is about three minutes long and will be premiered within 2020.


06/01: The mezzosoprano/contraalto and 2. alto in Edvard Grieg choir, Daniela Iancu Johannessen, have commisioned a piece based on the poem "Innbying" by the norwegian writer Tarjei Vesaas. The piece has been finished during on july 6th at Nordic song festival in Hudiksvall, Sweden.  

06/01: The piece, Missa Brevis, has now been added two extra movements (Gloria and Credo) as a commission for Bergen cathedral choir. The new piece will be titled Missa de Lumine and will be performed at Festspillene i Bergen 2019 by Bergen Domkor. 

06/01: On july 1st I will give a concert together with Maria Kuleshova at my home place Austevoll, in Løo, Bekkjarvik. Pieces by Grieg, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky will among other things be performed. 


08/09: This summer Bergen Cathedral Choir and conductor have been on tour at the Orkney Islands (St. Magnus Festival) and Selje (Seljumannamesse) in Nordfjord, Norway, singing Missa Brevis. The choir has a magnificent level amateur choirs in Norway.   

01/30: The piece La alt Bergen Fare is a composition based on an excerpt from author Erlend O. Nødtvedt`s book Bergens Beskrivelse. The piece will be premiered March 11th at Borealis-festivalen by Kammerkoret Gneis and conductor Tore Kloster.  

01/30: My new piece Å, hjelp meg, du som hjelpa kan is a composition based on psalm 116, which is a melody by Martin Luther and text by Arne Garborg. The piece will be premiered at Fridalen kirke in Bergen by Collegium Vocale and conductor Knut Jansson April 23rd.

01/30: The piece Regina della pace is a blessing to Virgin Mary. It will be premiered by Oslo Vokalensemble and conductor Ida Tingstein June 15th at Sentralen in Oslo.  


The four Hauge-poems will be performed at November 6th 2016 by Kammerkoret Gneis at Bergen offentlige bibliotek. The pieces are also available through Cantando Musikkforlag.

10/13: Variations is now published at Cantando Musikkforlag. The premiere performance is also released at YouTube with a singing introduction that gives information about what the piece is about. 

09/05The piece Variations is a new piece for organ. It will be premiered October 2nd at Bergen Cathedral by Cathedral organist Sigurd Øgaard. The piece will also be published at Cantando. 

09/05: 4 Hauge-stykke (Det er Den Draumen, Din, Veg, Kom ikkje med heile sanningi and I Dag Såg Egwill be premiered at Bergen Offentlige Bibliotek in the first weekend of November by Kammerkoret Gneis and conductor Tore Kloster. The pieces are also for sale through Cantando Musikkforlag.    

The piece Darkness cannot drive out darkness is quoting Martin Luther King Jr. from the book Strenght to love (1963). The piece is written in memoriam of the victims of the terrorist attacks in Paris October 2015. It will be premiered by Ole Bull kammerkor and conductor Jon Flydal Blichfeldt at Grieg international choir festival (15-19th of June). 
Variations is a new piece for organ. It combines and variates the norwegian psalm Eg veit i himmerik ei borg and the german psalm Ich weiss ein ewiges himmelreich with a both contemporary and traditional expression. The piece is dedicated to Bergens cathedral organist Sigurd Mælver Øgaard. 

Trond Kverno, who won the lifetime achievement award at Musikkforleggerprisen 2016, picked me as the winner of a scholarship worth 20,000 kroner to aid me in further developing my career.     
Missa Brevis has been nominated for "Musikkforleggerprisen 2015" in the
category "newcommer of the year". The ceremony was held at Kulturkirken Jakob, March 15th.  
The music video along with the recording of Kyrie is soon available online. The video-project has been possible to make because of support from "Fure-stiftelsen".

The recording Kyrie from Missa Brevis is now available on Spotify. It is recorded by Schola Cantorum and conductor Tone Bianca Sparre Dahl. Production: 2L (Lindberg Lyd). 


The four Hauge-poems will be performed in 2016 by Kammerkoret Gneis. The three remaining pieces that has not been published, will also be published trough Cantando Musikkforlag within the spring of 2016.
The piece La alt Bergen fare, commisioned by Kammerkoret Gneis and their conductor Tore Kloster, has now been finished. The piece is based on an excerpt from the writer Erlend Nødtvedt`s book Bergens Beskrivelse (2011) and shall receive its premiere in the spring of 2017. The project is supported by Bergen kommune.
Publication of the pieces Missa BrevisO vis Aeternitatis og Kom ikkje med heile sanningi through Cantando Musikkforlag AS.