Skjebnar ved Kysten (2022- in progress)

Fiskerimusikal/historisk spel -

pno, guit., sax., perc., horn in f, cello and soloists. Ca. 40

Prologue for piano (2021)

for Oda Voltersvik, piano. Ca. 8`

Gong Gregor (for 2 perc. 2021)

Project for Gong Gregor (Ny musikk Bergen). 6`

Fractions (2020/2021)

Organetto, baroque cello, mezzo and recorders. Ca. 15`

Missa pro Defunctis (2020)

2 voices, violin and harmonium. dur. 4`

Disturbing Interruptions (2020)

S S A A T T (digital or live). durata; 6`

Friede (2019)

S S A A T T B B. durata; 6`

Moje niet forsto (2019)

S MS A T Bar. B. durata: 10`

Guds Hjerte (2018)

Soprano and piano. durata: 3`

Missa de Lumine (2014/2018)

 S S A A T T B B and soloists. durata: 12+21` (Missa Brevis)

Puer natus est nobis (2017) 

S S A T B. durata 4`

Innbying (2017)

Mezzosoprano and piano. durata: 3`


Regina della Pace (2017)

S A T B and soprano soli. durata: 2`

Bøn (2017)

Based on an psalm melody by Martin Luther.

Text by Arne Garborg. S A T B. durata: 3`

Variations on

"Eg veit i himmerik ei borg"and

"Ich weiss ein ewiges himmelreich" (2016)

Organ. durata: 4`



Darkness cannot

drive out darkness (2016)

S A T B. durata: 3`



La alt Bergen fare (2015)

Based on an excerpt from

Erlend O. Nødtvedt: 

Bergens Beskrivelse (2011)

S MS A T Bar B. durata: 6-7` 



4 Hauge-stykke (2014/2015)

4 pieces to poems by Olav H. Hauge


Kom ikkje med heile sanningi

Din Veg

I dag såg eg

Det er den Draumen

S A T B divisi. durata: 20`



Missa Brevis (2013/2014)



Agnus Dei

S S A A T T B B and soloists. durata: 21`



O vis Aeternitatis (2012/2014) 

Based on the gregorian chant

by Hildegard von Bingen

S S A A T T B B, perc. and a

mezzosoprano soloist

durata: 10`